NagVis Installer

There is a new installer in NagVis 1.4. This installer was created to make the progress of installing or updating NagVis easier. The installer is a bash script which asks for all information needed for installing or updating NagVis.

It is also possible to set all options via command line parameters for running the installer in quiet mode.

Using the installer

Download NagVis

Get NagVis. The latest release can be found at

Unpack NagVis

Unpack the archive to a temporary place (for example /tmp) and change to that directory

tar xvzf nagvis-1.8*.tar.gz /tmp
cd /tmp/nagvis-1.8*

Make installer executable

The installer is located in the root directory of the NagVis package. The installer has to be made executable before you can use it.

chmod +x

Run installer

Now you can run the installer.


Using Icinga you should add "-s icinga".

./ -s icinga

Following the instructions of the installer it should copy the necessary files to the correct places. Please keep in mind that you have to edit the config file nagvis.ini.php. If you experience any problems please let us know.


You can remove the sources after installation.

rm -rf /tmp/nagvis-1.8*

Command line parameters

For details about the command line parameters call the installer with the "-h" option.