ndo2db MySQL backend (ndomy)

The ndo2db MySQL backend, in short ndomy backend, is used to fetch Nagios information like status and configuration data via a MySQL database. The Nagios addon called ndoutils stores all information which are present in a running Nagios in a MySQL database. This database is being queried by the NagVis ndomy backend.

You can use the following parameters to configure an ndomy backend:

dbhostlocalhostHostname of the NDO Database
dbport3306Port of the NDO Database
dbnamedb_nagiosName of the NDO Database
dbuserrootUsername for Database Access (only needs read permissions)
dbpassrootPassword for Database Access (only needs read permissions)
dbprefix nagios_ Prefix of the tables in NDO Database (like defined in ndo2db.cfg)
dbinstancename default Name of the Nagios instance in NDO Database (like defined in ndomod.cfg)
maxtimewithoutupdate180Maximum delay in seconds after last update in NDO. NagVis will report Nagios is not running if the delay is reached

There are also some general parameters. You can read about them in main configuration format description.

Note: The above should be possible with the IDOUtils of Icinga as well so replace "NDO", "ndo2db.cfg", and "ndomod.cfg" with "IDO", ido2db.cfg", and "idomod.cfg", respectively.