Check_MK Business Intelligence Backend

The Check_MK Business Intelligence (BI) Backend is used to connect NagVis directly with the aggregations configured within Check_MK BI.

The Check_MK BI API

Check_MK BI offers a webservice which is called by HTTP GET requests and responds with JSON objects.

Representation in NagVis

This backend is a special one compared to the other backends which handle Nagios status information 1:1. This backend only handles Check_MK BI aggregations as dedicated object.

The backend only provides information for objects of the type aggr, which has been introduced to represent aggregation objects.

The aggregations objects link (left click on icon) are automatically set by the mkbi backend to point to the Check_MK Web-GUI, except when the url parameter of the aggr object is configured to point to another map (e.g. [htmlbase]/index.php?mod=Map&act=view&show=bi-webshop-details).


You can use the following parameters to configure the Check_MK BI backend:

base_url http://localhost/check_mk/ The full base URL to the script which is part of Check_MK. It serves the AJAX-API which the backend connects to. This URL must be reachable from the host NagVis is running on.
auth_user User to use for authentication when accessing the base_url. It has to be created within Check_MK as "automation" user in order to configure a backend which is allowed to retrieve Check_MK BI states.
auth_secret The authentication secret configured within Check_MK for the tiven user.
timeout 5 New in 1.9b11: This option controls the request timeout of the HTTP requests to Check_MK BI.

There are also some general backend parameters. You can read about them in main configuration format description.