Automap configuration format description

General Information

The NagVis automap configuration format is equal to the map configuration format with small differences in the available parameters.

Object types

Description of the object types


The first definition in every config file should be of the special type "global". Options which are defined at this paragraph are valid for the whole map and are getting inherited to other types defined later.

Example with all options which have to be set:

define global {
aliasmap_nameThe alias is the label for each map. If it is defined it is shown everywhere in NagVis frontend.
backend_idinherited (nagvis.ini.php) Backend-ID defined in Main Configuration file where NagVis should search for the object states. If this parameter is not given, the Backend defined as "defaultbackend" at the Main Configuration file is used.
background_colorinherited (nagvis.ini.php) Background colour of this map. If this is not set backgroundcolor from Main Configuration file is taken.
context_menu inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Enable/Disable the context menu on your map objects.
context_templateinherited (nagvis.ini.php)Default context template to be used on this map
default_params inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Default parameters to take when the different options are not given by url. Format is as in the URL e.g. &childLayers=2. Valid options can be found here. Deprecated since 1.6.4 - use regualar map config options instead.
event_backgroundinherited (nagvis.ini.php)Enable/Disable changing background colour on state changes (Configured colour is shown when summary state is PENDING, OK or UP).
event_highlightinherited (nagvis.ini.php)Enable/Disable highlighting of the state changing object by adding a flashing border.
event_highlight_durationinherited (nagvis.ini.php)Set the highlight duration in milliseconds
event_highlight_intervalinherited (nagvis.ini.php)Set the highlight interval in milliseconds
event_loginherited (nagvis.ini.php)Enable/Disable the eventlog in the new javascript frontend. The eventlog keeps track of important actions and information.
event_log_levelinherited (nagvis.ini.php)Loglevel of the eventlog (Available: debug, info, warning, critical).
event_log_heightinherited (nagvis.ini.php)Height of the javascript eventlog in px
event_log_hiddeninherited (nagvis.ini.php)Hide/Show the eventlog on map loading
event_scrollinherited (nagvis.ini.php)Enable/Disable scrolling to the icon which changed the state when the icon is out of the visible scope.
event_soundinherited (nagvis.ini.php)Enable/Disable sound signals on state changes.
header_menu inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Enable/Disable the header menu
header_template inherited (nagvis.ini.php) header template to be used on ths map
hover_menu inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Enable/Disable the hover menu
hover_delay inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Delay of hover menu appearance in seconds
hover_template inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Default hover template to be used on this map
hover_childs_show inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Enable/Disable displaying child objects
hover_childs_limit inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Number of maximum children to be displayed. Set to -1 to disable the limit.
hover_childs_order inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Order direction of child objects
hover_childs_sort inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Sort method of child objects
iconset inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Iconset to use as default for all objects placed on the map. Can be overwritten on a per object base.
In the example "std_small" is used which means an OK state will be displayed using "std_small_ok.png", a CRITICAL state will be displayed by using "std_small_critical.png" and so on.
in_maintenance 0 Enable/Disable the maintenance mode of this map. If a map is in maintenance mode only a message gets displayed instead of the map.
label_show 0 Enable/Disable labels for the maps objects
label_x -20 Default x-position of the labels in px (with prefix + or - relative to the upper left corner of the icons, otherwise absolute position)
label_y +20 Default y-position of the labels in px (with prefix + or - relative to the upper left corner of the icons, otherwise absolute position)
label_width auto Default width of the labels in px
label_background transparent Default background colour of the labels. The colour should be given in hexcode. Can also be "transparent".
label_border #000000 Default border colour of the labels. The colour should be given in hexcode. Can also be "transparent".
label_styleCustom styling for the label text. To be given like HTML style attribute contents. E.g. font-family:sans;font-weight:bold;
line_type Specifies the type of line when view_type=line. Valid values are:
"11" for lines with one arrow at the end of a line.
"10" for lines with two arrows pointing to each other in the middle of the line.
"12" for plain lines without arrow.
line_width3This defines the width of the line in px when this object is being displayed as line.
only_hard_states inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Sets whether soft states should be ignored. Default setting is 0.
recognize_services inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Sets whether the states of the services on hosts, hostgroup objects should be recognised. If this is not given in the config it's set to 1.
show_in_lists inherited (nagvis.ini.php) Show the maps in lists (dropdowns, index page, ...)
stylesheetinherited (nagvis.ini.php)Filename of the custom stylesheet to use on the maps (The file needs to be located in the share/nagvis/styles directory)
url_target_self Target of the Icon link, this option adapts <a target=""> (_self is same window)