System requirements

Nagios® / Icinga (installed, configured, running)

You need an installed, configured and running Nagios to get NagVis working.
You can get Nagios from the official Nagios Homepage.
More information on available Icinga packages/downloads can be found on the official Icinga website.

MKLivestatus (installed, added to Nagios)

Since NagVis 1.5 we switched the default backend to MKLivestatus since it is much faster, more lightweight and stable than the NDO. And last but not least it is easy to handle and to install. You don't need any database to get MKLivestatus running.

MKLivestatus is an Event Broker Module for Nagios which serves a unix socket where third party addons like NagVis can connect to for gathering live status information in a very fast way.

You can get MKLivestatus from the official MKLivestatus Homepage.

Webserver with PHP support

NagVis is a web based application realised in Javascript and PHP. You need a webserver with PHP support to run NagVis. We recommend the usage of Apache Webserver with mod_php.

The minimum version requirement of PHP is 5.0.0.

PHP modules needed

Besides the base php packet you need the following modules in your PHP installation. The names of the modules may vary between distributions:

Note: Maybe some of these functions are already compiled into your PHP. php -m will show the built-in modules.

Special requirements by backends

The backends connect to external datasources and often need some special modules. Here is a list of the needed modules for the different backends. You only need to meet the requirements of the backends you use.

mklivestatus ndomy merlinmy

Graphviz for the automap

The Automap is based on Graphviz. You need it when you like to use the automap feature. We recommend the use of Graphviz version >= 2.14 (Earlier versions (with lower version numbers) have some problems with truecolor rendering).

Graphviz is available in some distributions. When you can not use a precompiled distribution package, you can get Graphviz from the official Graphviz Homepage for compiling it on your own.

You will also need more packages like gd, libpng, freetype, ... but if you get graphviz compiled and/or installed it should work.