Add own Iconsets


Your boss is coming in and telling you that a technician needs a map with more than 250 hosts clearly laid out. You think: “Hey, that’s not possible, with a full description for every host!” The font in the background image is not the problem, but the std_small-iconset from NagVis is too big for such a request.


Build your own iconset.

What is an iconset?

A complete iconset consists of 11 files. These files are png images which are named like this:

Filename Description
<set>_ack.png Acknowledged problem
<set>_error.png Error while fetching status
<set>_unknown.png Unkown state
<set>_critical.png Critical state
<set>_ok.png Ok state
<set>_up.png Up state (Host)
<set>_down.png Down state (Host)
<set>_sack.png Acknowledged problem (Service)
<set>_warning.png Warning state

NagVis checks for the <set>_ok.png image to list the iconsets, meaning there has to be a <set>_ok.png image to have a complete iconset which can be choosen in WUI.

Which programme should I use to create an iconset?

Almost every graphic art software has the ability to build PNG-files. In this example Photoshop is used to create a smaller version of the std_small iconset called std_mini.

Iconset Icon size icon map
std_small 16×16 pixel

mini 9×9 pixel

Implementing the iconset

To implement the set in your NagVis installation, copy all files to the iconset folder. In version 0.9.x it is nagvis/iconsets, since version 1.x it is nagvis/nagvis/images/iconsets.

The test

Open one of your maps and add a new host-icon. You should now be able to select std_mini as iconset.